Flowers, book covers, and beach bags made with duct tapeDuct tape is now available in hundreds of gorgeous colors and cool designs, which made us immediately think, “Hmmm, what could we make with this?” Once we got started, our creativity was flowing and we went crazy making cool decorative flowers, and stylish and useful book covers and beach bags. The best part is that all of these duct tape crafts are easy to make, plus are great ideas for a rainy day with the kids, or as a classroom project for your students.

What You’ll Need:

  • Duct Tape in Assorted Colors
  • Paper Grocery Bags
  • Straws, Chopsticks, or Small Pencils
  • Clothesline or 3 Pairs of Round Shoelaces
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Duct Tape Flowers

Flowers made with colorful duct tape

Create one flower or an entire bouquet of colorful “perennials” to give to friends and family or to use in centerpieces and other décor at home.

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Cut a piece of green duct tape a little longer than your straw/chopstick/pencil.
  2. Lay your duct tape on your work surface, sticky side up. Place your straw/chopstick/pencil on top of the tape lengthwise at one edge and gently roll it to cover with the tape. Continue to roll it from side to side to smooth out the tape. This becomes your stem.
  3. To make the petals; cut your duct tape into 2″ pieces. Fold one corner in toward the center of the tape, leaving a sticky strip exposed on the bottom and on the opposite side. Fold the other side in so you create a triangle at the folded top (like a paper airplane). You should now have a thin strip of sticky tape exposed only at the bottom.
  4. Wrap the sticky side of the triangle around your “stem” to create the center of your flower.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4, loosely binding the strips around your center flower. Make sure to adhere the petals to both the center piece and your “stem”. Continue until you reach your desired flower size.
  6. Using the same method as making the petals, use the green duct tape to make leaves. Three pieces should cover the base of the flower.

Fun Tips:

  • Make different types of flowers and combine them for a personalized bouquet! You can even add buttons or beads to make the center of the flower look more realistic.
  • Attach blooms to markers, pens, or pencils and use them as crafty, customized writing tools. This is a great idea for “shared” pens in libraries or anywhere with a guestbook.

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Book covers made from colorful duct tapeDuct Tape Folder and Book Covers

A fashion-forward way to protect books and folders from wear and tear, spills, and more while also showing off your own personal flair! Book covers protect your books from damage and they’re a great idea for borrowed books or textbooks, but they can be expensive. Make your own and save some green with a few simple materials and then design it any way you want with your favorite colors and patterns.

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Cut out the bottom of the paper bag and then cut down one side so the bag lays flat.
  2. Lay your book or folder open and flat on the paper bag. Trace the outline of your book then trace an outline 3″ wider than your book.
  3. Cut the bag at the wider marks (3″ away from outline of the book).
  4. Fold the top and bottom edges in to the outline marks for your book or folder.
  5. Insert the front and back covers of the book or folder into the unfolded sides like sleeves. Secure with tape if needed.
  6. Cover the brown paper with your own duct tape design.

Fun Tip:

Add ribbons, bows, buttons, or stickers to your book cover to embellish it. You can draw right on the front and label the subject, or you can design labels on your computer and then attach them to your cover with double-sided tape.

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Duct Tape Beach Bags

Beach bags made from colorful duct tapeHit the beach in style and protect your belongings from sea and sand with this customizable, easy-to-clean bag. With all the styles of duct tape now, it’s perfect for crafting and DIY projects. You can make this as bright and colorful as you want by mixing and matching duct tape colors and patterns! It’s also a great way to tote wet towels and suits home after a day of fun in the sun.

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Cut off the handles and down each side panel of your bag, so it lays flat.
  2. Cover the inside and outside of the bag with duct tape in a design you like. Be sure to overlap the tape slightly so that there are no gaps.
  3. Cut pieces of clothesline or round shoelaces to use as piping for each edge and panel of your bag.
  4. Cut duct tape a little longer than each piece of clothesline. Press the clothesline to one long edge of the duct tape and roll evenly until about 1/2″ remains. Secure this edge to what will be the inside panel of your bag.
  5. Start assembling your bag by taping together the inside panels of the bag. Make sure the piping is tight together before you secure with tape.
  6. Cut two pieces of duct tape at your desired length for the handles, plus 6″.
  7. Starting at the center, fold the tape onto itself, leaving about 3″ on each end flat to secure to the inside of the bag.
  8. Evenly attach the handles on the inside of your bag and secure with another piece of duct tape at the top edge of the bag.

Fun Tip: 

You can take this bag to the pool, too! Protect your phone, book, or portable speaker by storing it in this bag and away from any splashing water.

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