I am celebrating Earth Day with my family this year by teaching my kids about the meaning of Earth Day and getting them more involved. Together, we will establish goals and various ways that they can make a difference in the environment. I have decided to teach them six simple ways they can make a positive impact on the Earth, all while being informative and fun! Following just a few practical steps every day can create healthy habits that make a world of a difference!

6 Simple Ways You Can Make a Positive Impact

  1. Recycle MoreCelebrate Earth Day

Learn about recycling together and participate by recycling your own garbage. Set aside the cans, bottles, and papers in a separate labeled can.

  1. Produce Less Garbage CollectivelyCelebrate Earth Day

Use re-usable lunch bags, snack bags, and containers instead of disposable ones. Test yourselves to see if you can pack a garbage-free lunch!

  1. Try Out Your Green ThumbCelebrate Earth Day

Plant a tree or wild-foliage and come back to visit that spot to celebrate each year.

  1. Write on Both Sides of the PaperCelebrate Earth Day

Instead of tossing that note page you’re finished with, turn it over and use it to write out your to-do list or grocery list!

  1. Save LeftoversCelebrate Earth Day

Don’t toss out things that could be used or enjoyed again.

  1. Don’t Forget to Turn Off the LightsCelebrate Earth Day

Turn of the lights when not in the room. Develop this tip into a habit and you’ll not only save worthy energy, but money too!

Looking for more ways to go green? Try out these 4 additional ways to embrace Earth Day!

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