DIY Balloon ChandeliersAre you hosting a party or themed event this summer? If so, then blow up your decorations with this amazing balloon chandelier idea. Imagine your guests arriving to your party or event with colorful balloon chandeliers hanging from the ceiling… now that’s a decoration with a wow factor! All you need are a few $1 supplies from Dollar Tree, a little air (from your lungs or a balloon pump), and some creativity (and a dash of patience). The best part is that this cool idea requires absolutely no helium to create, so no worries if helium is running low in your area.

To help get you started, here are two different balloon chandelier ideas: one fit for a princess, and one that will get the carnival atmosphere popping at your event. Roll up your sleeves, take a few deep breaths to get those lungs ready, and let your party decorations get into full swing with this creative chandelier idea!

Here’s What You’ll Need (for each chandelier):

  • 10 Packs of Latex Balloons (Assorted Brights, Pink, or White)
  • 3-ct. Pack of Jute Twine Rolls
  • Balloon Pump
  • 1 Pack of Bobby Pins
  • 1 Fun Hoop
  • Roll Decorative Duct Tape
  • 8 Pre-Inflated Balloons
  • 8-yd. Tulle Ribbon Roll
  • Party 15-ft. Flag Banner
  • Scissors

Time to Make Some Chandeliers!

  1. Cut eight to ten 6-ft. strings of twine and tie the tops of the strings to the fun hoop, then tape in place to prevent shifting.
  2. Cut two 4-ft. strings of twine, tie each end to the hoop, and tape in place. Pull up the twine where the two strings cross and tie a loop to form the hanger.
  3. Inflate the balloons, tie them off, and attach the balloons knots to the 6-ft. twine strings using bobby pins.
  4. Finish the tops of the chandeliers with tulle & pre-inflated balloons (princess) or banners (carnival), attaching with duct tape.DIY Balloon ChandeliersDIY Balloon Chandeliers
  5. Use the loop to hang the top of the 2-ft. strings from the ceiling or a doorway.

Now that you’ve made the chandelier for your party or event, why not add a photo wall?! Check out how to make this festive tissue paper photo wall that your guests will love to take selfies with!

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