Personalized Flip-FlopsLooking to add your own fashion flair to your summer wear? Or maybe you are just looking for a fun summertime craft to do with the kids? Perhaps you and your girlfriends are getting together and looking for a fun activity? These unique flip-flop crafts are perfect for adding some pizzazz to your everyday footwear while giving you a wonderful creative outlet to share with your friends and family. Express your style, your mood, or your playful side… the possibilities are endless!

Here are 4 different style ideas that let you express yourself, and are sure to turn heads.

What You’ll Need:

  • Flip-Flops
  • Water Balloons
  • Glow Bracelets
  • Zip Ties
  • Craft, School, or Hobby Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hawaiian Leis
  • Rolls of Satin Ribbon
  • Luau Glitter Shapes
  • Artificial Floral Bushes

Style Idea 1: Balloons

  1. Start with 1 pack of 100-ct. Water Balloons.
  2. Beginning at the toe, tie each balloon in a simple double knot to the flip-flop strap.
  3. Continue around the strap to the ends and layer the balloons to achieve your desired effect.

Style Idea 2: Glow Bracelets

  1. Begin with 1 pack of Glow Bracelets, 1 pack of Zip Ties, and 1 pair of 8″ Scissors.
  2. Remove the glow sticks and bend back and forth until they glow.
  3. Line the bracelet up with the flip-flop strap.
  4. Secure bracelet to strap every inch or so with a zip tie. Make sure the smooth side of the zip tie is closest to where your foot will go.
  5. When the glow wears off, simply cut the zip ties and replace with new glow sticks and ties!

Style Idea 3: Leis & Glitter Shapes

  1. Start with Craft Glue, a 6-pk. of Poly Leis, and 1-pk. of Luau Glitter Shapes.
  2. Cut a poly lei in half and glue it to your flip-flop straps using the craft or hot glue.
  3. Next, glue Luau Glitter Shapes to the top.
  4. Allow the glue to dry, and you’ve just made a bold summer fashion statement!

Style Idea 4: Ribbons & Flowers

  1. All you need is Craft Glue, 5/8″ Satin Ribbon, and an Artificial Floral Bush.
  2. Remove two flowers from a faux floral bush and secure to straps using craft or hot glue.
  3. Cut 5/8″ satin ribbon to fit along sides of straps, and secure with glue.
  4. Let them dry overnight and your fashion statement is ready to wear!

There are a lot of other ways you and your friends can use your creativity to express your flip-flop personality. And when they cost just a few bucks to make (including the price of the flip-flops), why not make a pair for every day of the week, or to match every outfit? Just strolling down the aisles of a Dollar Tree will spark your imagination. Imagine the possibilities!

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