Valentine's Day Lookbook
Welcome, Tree fans — it’s the Dollarista again! Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day approaching, which means it’s time for us to check out Dollar Tree’s Valentine’s Day Lookbook and stock up on all of Cupid’s favorites for a festive Valentine’s Day. Make your Valentine’s Day as sweet as can be with lovely faux flowers, party décor, candles and candleholders, and vases. My kids adore picking out lovable plush pals, making creative Valentine’s Day crafts and cards, and most importantly, checking out the delightful candy selection all for a low $1 price. Trust me, Dollar Tree has all of your Valentine’s Day bases covered!

I’m loving everything, but here’s a sweet inside look at some of my favorites:

Valentine's Day LookbookI’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day, and this year I’m planning to throw the sweetest bash of all for my family and friends. This means I have have to stock up on everything – from plates and napkins to tablecloths and banners, my guests are sure to love it!

Valentine's Day Lookbook
When I think Valentine’s Day, I think of flowers. Therefore, this year I decided to make various faux flower bouquets to place around my home, give to my girlfriends at work, and to give to my mom as a reminder of how much I love her. The best part is, the flowers will never wilt!

Valentine's Day LookbookI tend to spoil my loved ones every Valentine’s Day whether it be with candy for my kiddos or car care supplies for my husband. However, I am not the best when it come to gift wrapping. Luckily, Dollar Tree has these super cute mini mailbox carriers that are perfect for holding smaller gifts. They also carry a huge selection of lovely gift bags and festive tissue paper.

Valentine's Day LookbookWhat better way to set the mood for romance than with various candles and candleholders. Plus, they are perfect to reuse for any occasion.

Valentine's Day LookbookDid someone say plush?! I mean come on… these plush pals are ADORABLE!

Valentine's Day Lookbook

Dollar Tree also just started carrying these amazing “Love” balloons for just $1 each! They are perfect for hanging on a photo wall at a party or for making a statement with your centerpieces.

Valentine's Day Lookbook

Plus, you can’t forget about the cards! Pick out the perfect card for that special someone to show them just how much you love them.

Don’t forget to check out our Lookbook and shop our wide variety of Valentine’s Day supplies online or grab your keys and head to your favorite store.

Don’t know what to get your loved ones for Valentine’s Day? No worries, check out these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your sweetheart!

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