Pint Jar Mugs filled with stones and faux flowersRedefine elegance with these shabby-chic pint jar mug bouquets. Place them inside your home for a sophisticated accent piece, or in a three-season room as a fitting table decoration. Best of all, you can use any artificial flower that matches your décor or fits the season. Use them to help create a backyard oasis, or as accents at formal events. They’re easy and affordable when you shop at Dollar Tree.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 16-oz. Glass Pint Jar Mugs
  • 32-oz. Bags of White Marble Accent Stones
  • 17″ Artificial Hydrangea Bushes

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Start with our 16-oz. glass pint jar mugs and fill them with white accent stones.
  2. Insert an artificial hydrangea bush to create a simple and carefree display.
  3. Arrange the floral stems and add more as necessary to fill out the display.

Fun Tips:

  • Instead of using white accent stones, you can use floral marbles or other floral stones for added color and a slightly different look.
  • Add these to the tables at your wedding reception for a simple, but elegant centerpiece. You can even change the flowers for some that match your wedding theme colors.
  • You can also switch out the pint jars with glass vases for a similar feel with a different shape.

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