Mother's Day Gift Frame IdeaMother’s Day is quickly approaching! Every great mom deserves a thoughtful gift on this special holiday… and, let’s face it, she really deserves one all year long. Are you still on the hunt for that perfect present? Well, if your mom is like mine, there’s one thing she can’t get enough of… framed family pictures. Every room in her house is decorated with them and she loves looking at each one, reflecting on the memories made in those moments. If this sounds just like your mom, I have a unique and customizable Mother’s Day gift idea to share with you: Framed Generation Pictures!

How to Take Framed Generation Pictures:

  1. Decide if you want to include every member of each generation or only the females for Mother’s Day. (Fun Idea: Have one big family photoshoot and do the same idea with the males for Father’s Day in June!)
  2. Once decided, start by snapping a picture of the youngest generation. Take a picture of him, her, or them posing or smiling at the camera.
  3. Print that picture and insert it into a $1 picture frame. Tip: The larger the frame and printed pictures, the easier it will be to see each picture in the final shot.
  4. Have mom or both parents hold that framed picture in front of them, pose, and smile for a second picture. (You can use the same background as the previous picture or change it up.)
  5. Print that picture and frame it.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 with grandma or grandparents.
  7. If you’re fortunate enough to have four generations, repeat the same steps for the final picture of great-grandma or great-grandparents.
  8. Print that picture and frame it to create your finished gift.
  9. Wrap it up or place it in a gift bag with tissue paper and a card to give mom on Mother’s Day.

This idea not only brings your family together to take new pictures, the outcome is a precious memory saved in a framed photograph. What a special keepsake for any mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother to cherish and pass down to generations to come!

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