grandparents-692x362Whether your grandparents live near or far, we encourage you to take a few minutes this week to celebrate something special together: Grandparents Day! Do you have a favorite tradition for celebrating each year? If you don’t, here are a few ideas we recommend:

  • Homemade Greetings

    Parents and teachers, partner with your students to create personalized cards that include a special memory or favorite picture of them and their grandparents. You can even add in a printed photo of a recent family outing for an extra-special touch.

  • Get Snacking

    Does grandpa have a favorite candy or snack that he likes to munch? Does grandma have a secret family recipe you can bake or cook together? Treat them to a delicious afternoon.

  • Game Time

    Do your grandparents spend time indoors playing card games, or completing word searches or Sudoku books? Create a basket of their favorite activity books and card games, complete with colored pens or pencils, for a relaxing weekend gift.

  • Outdoor Escape

    If you like to spend time outdoors with your grandparents, then take a nature walk to the nearest park, pond, beach, or grassy field to bird watch, collect shells or leaves, and enjoy fresh air together. You can even snap a photo or two along the way!

Whichever family activity you prefer, shop at Dollar Tree for affordable supplies: greeting cards for $1 (or less) each, a variety of snacks and fun games, and other favorites. Happy Grandparents Day!

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