Gift for GradIt’s time to celebrate the upcoming graduates! Now my kiddos may not be ready to walk across the stage yet, but I have plenty of nieces and nephews, and some of my friends’ kids are. Whether they are graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, their huge accomplishment brings a season of changes, moves, and growth.

Gift Money for the GradExtra change in the graduates pocket always comes in handy during these transitional times, so I have decided to give the traditional graduation gift of money. However, I tried to make it fun with these four celebratory ways to gift a multitude of bills.

  1. Dollar Lei NecklaceGift Money for the Grad

Fold up bills accordion style and create a circular fan. Wrap around a strand of twine or string and secure with a piece of tape. Create a stack of these for a fun gift for the grad to wear around their party!

  1. Open in Case of EmergencyGift Money for the Grad

Wrap dollar bills and tie them with ribbon as thought they are mini diplomas. Next, fill up a glass canning jar with the money diplomas. Top it off with a festive graduation cap made with construction paper and a tassel from Dollar Tree.

  1. Enriching DelightGift Money for the Grad

Fold your graduates’ favorite candy in dollar bills. Not only will they receive money, but they will get a sweet treat as well!

  1. Framed Money MessageGift Money for the Grad

Fold money into letters spelling out “You did it!” Take a picture frame from Dollar Tree and place the “money message” inside the frame and voila. The grad may keep this fun reminder on their desk… that is until the cash is needed!

Now that you’ve got the gifting down, how about decorations? Check out this awesome picture frame centerpiece for your graduation celebration!

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