DIY St. Patrick's Day WreathIt’s your lucky day! We’re sharing this lovely St. Patrick’s Day wreath tutorial with you… perfect for your front door or above your mantel. Not only is it easy to create, it only costs a few dollars to make. We’ve put this one together using Dollar Tree supplies and you can, too. Your friends and family will be green with envy, so be sure to share this craft idea with them.

What You’ll Need:

  • Floral Foam Ring
  • St. Patrick’s Day Floral Bushes
  • Foam Shamrocks
  • Scissors
  • Craft Wire Cutters
  • Tape

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Cut the dark and light green flowers so that their stems are only 1½” long and remove the leaves.
  2. Beginning on the inner edge of the floral foam ring, push the dark green flower stems into the foam, working your way around the ring.
  3. Push the light green flower stems into the foam around the outer edge of the ring.
  4. Without trimming, stick the stems of two clover bushes into either side of the wreath, near the bottom of the foam ring.
  5. Take one of the dark green glitter foam shamrocks and trim approximately ⅛” of the foam off the edge, making it slightly smaller in size than the other shamrocks.
  6. Tape the dark green glitter shamrock to the light green foam shamrock.
  7. Tape the light green foam shamrock to the front of the wreath as shown.

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