Halloween Lunch Box TreatsWhip up a few playful Halloween lunch foods that are as yummy as they are cute! It only takes a few extra steps to transform an everyday sandwich into a friendly spider-wich or apple slices into a toothy, yet healthy, grin. Since these snacks are affordable and easy to make, they can also be served as after-school munchies or pre-trick-or-treating snacks.

Mouth Full of Apples!

  1. To create the mouths, cut a red apple into four wedges and remove the core.
  2. Slice the wedges into quarters to create 16 equal apple pieces.
  3. Using two wedges to create each grin, spread a thin layer of peanut butter on one side of each apple slice; these sides will become the insides of the mouth.
  4. On one apple slice of the pair, place a single row of mini marshmallows on the peanut butter and then lay the other apple slice (peanut butter side down) on top of the marshmallows.

Simple Spider Sandwiches

  1. Transform your pre-made sandwich into a spider by first using a large round cookie cutter or knife to cut the square-shaped bread into a circle.
  2. Tuck four pretzel sticks between the two slices of bread on each side of the sandwich so it looks like four legs are coming out of the left side and four out of the right.
  3. On top of the bread, use peanut butter to attach two raisins side-by-side to create the spider’s eyes.
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