Spooky Tree CenterpiecesAre you throwing a Halloween party this year? If you want to make sure your decorations are scary good and your guests are impressed, this spooky Halloween centerpiece is for you. Made with a few twigs from your yard and craft supplies from Dollar Tree, you can put this look together in no time. What a fun way to showcase these glittery bat ornaments and other creepy Halloween creatures. The kids will love helping decorate the tree, too!

What You’ll Need:

  • Black Plastic Cauldron
  • Foam Floral Blocks
  • Glass Gems, Rocks, or Stones
  • Halloween Garland
  • Plastic Skeleton Garland
  • Twigs

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Gather a few long twigs from your yard or a nearby park.
  2. Place the foam floral blocks in the center of the plastic cauldron. Fill in any empty space around the foam with glass gems, rocks, or stones. This will anchor your foam and provide stability for your tree.
  3. Stick the twigs from your yard securely into the foam, gems, rocks, or stones. Arrange the twigs into your desired tree shape.
  4. Once the twigs are dry, cover the stones at the base of the tree with Halloween tinsel garland, then place the skeleton garland on top of the tinsel and position the skeletons however you wish.
  5. Decorate the tree with more skeletons, Halloween creepy creatures, or handmade glittery bat ornaments.

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