Happy National Grandparents Day!

August 25, 2019  |  Celebrations  |  Written by
The Dollarista

Hallmark Grandparent's DayDo you know what one of the best days of the year is? Grandparents Day, of course! We recognize September 8th every year as a day to remember those special loved ones whom we call Grandma and Grandpa, or Papa and Nana — whatever term of affection you prefer to call them!

On this day, I always make a point to send a card and call my grandparents just to let them know how special they are to me and how much they have made a positive impact on my life.

Hallmark Grandparent's DayHowever, cards can get expensive, especially when I have to pay to mail them too, which is why I get all of my greeting cards at Dollar Tree! Dollar Tree carries a HUGE selection of Heartline a Hallmark Company and Expressions from Hallmark greeting cards for every occasion… even Grandparents Day! My grandparents absolutely love greeting cards, so I always make sure I take my time to pick out the perfect card.

Whether your grandparents live across the country or just a few blocks away, they’ll be thrilled to get a Grandparents Day card in the mail from their grandchildren.

Now that you have the perfect card, give the perfect gift! Check out these 4 go-to gift ideas for grandparents.

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