2019 Holiday CatalogThe holidays are almost here and I can’t contain my excitement! I absolutely love when the holiday season arrives because it means that our friends and family will all be together. Since we are always hosting during the holidays, I like to make sure that every room of my house is decorated and that they are constantly sweet treats laying around. However, prepping the whole house for the holidays can get expensive, which is why I always turn to Dollar Tree to help me out when I’m in a pinch and looking to stay frugal! Every year, I wait to stock up on supplies I need until I see Dollar Tree’s holiday catalog. It is filled with endless items that are essential for the season. Check out some of my favorite finds below, and trust me, you’ll love the savings under their Tree because everything is just $1 or less!

You’ll Have Gift Giving in the Bag2019 Holiday Catalog

Save on Christmas cards, gift bags, stockings, Santa hats, and much more. Every year, when opening presents, my kids have to put on their Santa hats when opening their stockings and it’s now become a family tradition. Dollar Tree even has stockings that the kids can color to customize for Santa to fill their presents in. How cool is that?!

Sleigh the Wrap Game2019 Holiday Catalog

I’m constantly looking to sleigh the wrap game! It’s so nice to be able to find gift bags and boxes in a huge variety of sizes and fun designs. Trust me, yule ADORE their $1 wrapping!

Vases For All Your Spaces!2019 Holiday Catalog

Like I mentioned, I love decorating my entire house for the holidays and must have something in every room. Dollar Tree makes it so easy because they sell these adorable $1 vases and candleholders that are perfect for displaying ornaments, lights, and of course flowers!

Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow!2019 Holiday Catalog

Quality candles and lights for only $1? Yes, please! Dollar Tree carries a HUGE assortment of LED lights and candles that add a warming touch to any room. Plus, the scented candles fill your home with the scents of the season.

2019 Holiday CatalogDon’t forget the reason of the season and make sure to stock up on prayer candles for the holiday as well.

Tidings of Tins For You & Your Friends2019 Holiday Catalog

Having a holly jolly kitchen is essential when I’m hosting for the holidays, and Dollar Tree makes it possible to host my guests for less. I always put together tins filled with sweet treats to give to my guests when they visit. Dollar Tree’s tins come assorted in various designs, shapes, and sizes, and my guests are amazed when I tell them that I got everything from Dollar Tree!

Christmas In A Cup!2019 Holiday Catalog

My family and I love enjoying the sips of the season in Dollar Tree’s festive cups and mugs! Between the cute patterns and sayings, there is something for everyone. Plus, they make great gifts and stocking stuffers especially since they are just $1 each!

Looking for more sensational seasonal items? Head to DollarTree.com to check out their 2019 catalog for yourself!

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