Holiday Paper Lanterns

November 29, 2018  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Holiday Paper LanternIt’s all about the details, as I like to say, and I found the perfect way to incorporate this ideal into my décor this holiday. I decided to head to Dollar Tree to gather some décor inspiration for my upcoming holiday gatherings I’m hosting. I found these awesome paper lanterns and wanted to make a DIY out of them. I was able to hang these elegant DIY lanterns from my ceiling and light fixtures in order to create the ultimate festive mood. You can also embellish Dollar Tree’s lanterns using decorations to match the type of celebration you are hosting such as autumn leaves for Thanksgiving, holly berries for Christmas, or twinkling lights and streamers for New Years. Add a string and hang on your front porch, tree branches, from your fireplace mantel, or over a party table to complete your décor. The possibilities are endless!

Stock Up on Supplies:

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Hot Glue Gun (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Faux Autumn Leaves
  • Christmas Foliage and Décor
  • LED LightsHoliday Paper Lantern

It’s DIY Time:

  1. Match the design of your paper lantern to your celebrated holiday. Use different elements from your desired season.
  2. For my first lantern, I used faux autumn leaves and for my second lantern, I used Christmas foliage and décor. Use hot glue to secure faux leaves, foliage, décor, streamers, and more directly to the paper lantern.Holiday Paper LanternHoliday Paper Lantern
  3. Carefully hold and secure each glued item a few minutes until set.
  4. Once fully decorated, thread clear string or colored twine to your lantern handle for hanging and place on display.
  5. Arrange groups of these lanterns around your party for an extra festive touch!

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