How to Make A Giant Balloon Arch

May 2, 2020  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Balloon Arch | Colorful Balloons | How to Make a Balloon ArchIf there are no balloons, is it even a party? Graduation parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, and even weddings and other special events can be made brighter with balloons. Whether you’re a fan of solid latex balloons or foil helium balloons, you can find your favorite kinds at Dollar Tree for just a buck.

Make Your Party Pop!

My latest favorite party trend is the balloon arch. It’s a fun and festive way to decorate any wall or party table, no matter what the occasion or theme. I tried my hand at making one recently, and it was so much easier to make than I realized. Here’s how I put it together…

Balloon Arch Basics:

(These supplies made an 8-ft. arch)

  • 36 Latex Balloons (I Used Three Colors, 12 of Each)
  • Spool of Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Handheld Balloon Pump (So You Don’t Pass Out!)

Tie It All Together:

  1. Pick three latex balloon colors to match your party décor. I chose yellow, red, and blue to match a carnival party theme.
  2. Blow up 12 of each color, totaling 36 evenly-sized balloons, and tie knots to seal in the air. I recommend using a handheld air pump for this many balloons!
  3. Tie together the the knots of three different color balloons.Tie together different color balloons for balloon arch
  4. Repeat this step of tying together three different color balloons until all 36 balloons are tied.
  5. Stack one triad on top of another, keeping the colors in the same order.
  6. Carefully wrap the floral wire around the balloon knots, securing them stacked together.
  7. Continue connecting one triad on top of the other using the same strand of wire and making sure the colors stack to create spirals.Tie balloon triads together with floral wire to make a balloon arch
  8. Once all the balloons are attached, leave a few extra inches of wire at the end and cut with scissors.
  9. Prop your balloon arch against a photo booth backdrop or use string to hang it up! Secure it to a wall, above a party table, along a fence, or in an entryway. The decorating possibilities are endless and your guests will be “blown” away!Connect all balloons with wire to finish your balloon arch

I hope you love this idea and it becomes a party staple for you and your family. Also, check out this Fun Balloon Avalanche Idea for Birthdays.

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