coworkers high-fiving at workIt’s an increasingly popular team building exercise that’s spreading across corporate America like wildfire. It’s the 3:05 p.m. High Five.

In the simplest terms, every employee gets up from their desk at 3:05 p.m. and gives the employees in their surrounding area a high five. It’s a celebration for having another great day at the office! It’s also the perfect way to help people get out of those afternoon slumps so common after lunch and as the clock winds down toward 5 p.m.

The 3:05 High Five gets everyone on their feet encouraging, congratulating, and celebrating each other. And while it only lasts a couple of minutes, it’s the perfect little interruption that sends everyone back to their desks with a clear head and the sense of a fresh start on all their projects. It’s also common for managers, including C-level executives, to visit different departments and high five the employees as part of the team!

We bet that it would be a wonderful complementary idea to also have some type of handy refreshment available for employees. Whether it’s a cupcake, nutrition bar, popcorn, a piece of candy, pretzels, chips, mints or any other single handful snack, it adds yet another level of excitement and expression of thanks from the company to the employee at the 3:05 High Five. It also creates a fantastic sense of anticipation as the word spreads that someone is setting up refreshments in the minutes just prior to 3:05… as well as a little energy boost! Best of all, you’ll save on snacks when you shop at Dollar Tree.

coworkers high-fiving at workThey key is to have a high-energy 3:05 High Five celebration that’s completely over, with everyone back at their desks, by 3:10! It may take a little training at the start, and managers may need to roam around to prevent groups from getting caught up in extended conversation before this ritual takes hold, but companies are finding that the three to five minute 3:05 High Five becomes routine after just a week or two, and there’s barely any interruption to productivity. Instead, productivity and morale usually rise.

If you want to see late-afternoon productivity boom when it’s traditionally been the lowest performance period of every American workday, try introducing the new tradition of the 3:05 High Five with a quick pick-me-up snack. Give it a try — you may find the 3:05 High Five not only makes a huge impact on company morale, but also on your bottom line!

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