Natural Makeup LookAre you always searching for that perfect natural makeup look that you can wear for any occasion? Well, look no further because I am here to show you just how to get it! Did I mention that you can achieve this look on a budget too? All you have to do is head to your local Dollar Tree because they have an amazing selection of $1 makeup that is perfect for any occasion. I stocked up on all my makeup necessities and was able to create this simple and natural look. Check out below to see how you can do it too!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Sassy+Chic B.B. Beauty Cream
  • Beauty Blender
  • L.A. Colors® Concealer
  • L.A. Colors® Pressed Powder Foundation
  • L.A. Colors® Contour Stick
  • L.A. Colors® Cosmic Eye Pencil
  • L.A. Colors® Blush
  • L.A. Colors® Auto Eyeliner
  • L.A. Colors® Black Big Lash Mascara
  • L.A. Colors® Brow Lift Brow Pencil + Highlighter
  • L.A. Colors® Nude Eyeshadow (Cream and Brown)
  • Makeup Brushes

Follow Along Step-by-Step:

  1. I started by applying my Sassy+Chic B.B. Beauty Cream with my beauty blender, until my entire face was covered.Natural Makeup Look
  2. Next, I used my L.A. Colors® Concealer to cover up dark circles under my eyes as well as cover any blemishes on my face.
  3. Once my blemishes were concealed, I then took L.A. Colors® Pressed Powder Foundation and using my makeup brush, applied it to my face in order to get that matte look.Natural Makeup Look
  4. I wanted to really define my cheekbones and frame my face, therefore I used L.A. Colors® Contour Stick on my cheekbones and forehead and blended it using my beauty blender.Natural Makeup Look
  5. In order to get that natural rosy look for my cheeks, I used my makeup brush to apply L.A. Colors® Blush.Natural Makeup Look
  6. To give my eyebrows some definition, I used L.A. Colors® Brow Lift Brow Pencil + Highlighter to fill in my eyebrows.Natural Makeup Look
  7. Since I was going for a more natural look, I decided to use neutral eyeshadow colors such as cream and brown for my eyelids. I used the cream color for the entire bottom portion of the eyelid and the brown for the bottom outer corner of the eyelid.Natural Makeup Look
  8. Next, I used L.A. Colors® Cosmic Eye Pencil to highlight the top upper and outer portion of the eyelid.Natural Makeup Look
  9. Then, I used L.A. Colors® Auto Eyeliner for the tops of my eyelids.Natural Makeup Look
  10. To complete the look, I topped off my eyelashes with L.A. Colors® Black Big Lash Mascara.Natural Makeup LookNatural Makeup Look

There you have it! A simple, natural, glam look that you can do for any occasion!Natural Makeup Look

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