Employees at company picnicThere’s no better way to lift morale than by letting everyone get outside in the fresh air during the first few weeks of spring or summer. A company picnic is also widely considered a special perk, since few businesses think to hold these unique events for their employees.

If you want to plan a company picnic or event, but budgets are tight, we can help! You’ll find Dollar Tree is your one-stop shop for everything you need, from paper plates, cups, and utensils to grilling supplies, disposable table cloths, condiments and snacks, catering trays, and so much more. With Dollar Tree, you can make your company picnic look like a million dollar event for mere dollars, and your employees will talk about it for months. Don’t take our word for it, though… here’s a story from one of our business customers:

“Our company hosts a picnic each year for the employees as a way to say thank you for all of the hard work they do each and every day. Having a staff of 35 can make food and supplies run costly. It is so nice to know that we can walk into Dollar Tree and buy all of the supplies we need, and then some! Not only could I get the plates, napkins, and other essentials, but I was able to walk out with a new bat and ball for some friendly inner office baseball! The picnic will be a hit, thanks to the affordable items at Dollar Tree.”
       – Heather22, Dollar Tree Business Customer

People enjoying a picnicA company picnic is not just about the food, though. It’s also about team building and helping your employees get to know one another better. As Heather22 mentioned above, she picked up a toy bat and ball set (for just a buck) so she could get her coworkers involved in an inner-office baseball game. Nothing creates a little team building like a competitive event — have a water balloon fight, a potato sack race, or split into teams for an egg toss. Trust us, adults love acting like kids and letting loose a little. Pick up goofy little gifts from Dollar Tree to give as the prizes for the winners.

Team building can even become part of the event when you let employees sign up to bring their favorite dishes. This will be the special opportunity your aspiring gourmet chefs have been looking for to share their favorite new recipe or family dish with coworkers. Or, continuing in the spirit of competition, have a bake off where people can make desserts and coworkers vote on their favorites. Your staff will also enjoy exchanging recipes… and a few will probably bring in a pie or cake to the office as an encore!

And don’t forget to document the good times… encourage everyone to bring their camera phones and take lots of pictures. You can highlight the event on your company Facebook page or your corporate website. Employees will also enjoy sharing the celebration on their own social media outlets. And who doesn’t want a picture of their boss wearing an apron while flipping burgers on the grill?

If you want to start the season right, throw a company picnic — aside from the camaraderie and good times, it will give your employees a sense that they are appreciated for the hard work they do. If you shop at Dollar Tree, it won’t cost a fortune either, and what you gain in positive employee morale will far outweigh the costs. We bet you’ll see a boost in productivity and collaboration as well… you’ll likely find people from different departments who never worked together before now sharing ideas over lunch. So, what are you waiting for?

Happy picnicing!

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