Grilling and Tailgate SeasonWhen the weather is nice out, it gives me an excuse to do anything and everything outdoors. Whether it’s playing games with my kiddos, watching my husband grill out, or just chatting and catching up with my friends and family, you can always find my family and me outdoors when the weather cooperates.

Grilling and Tailgate SeasonOne of our favorite activities, like I mentioned, is grilling out. We host BBQs, tailgate parties, and cookouts all the time at our house, however hosting these gatherings all of the time can get expensive. Although, the other day I was in my local Dollar Tree and I stumbled across their freezer section. Thank goodness my local store has a freezer section, and boy was I excited when I saw some of the new items they started carrying like boneless chicken breasts! Not only do they carry boneless chicken breasts, but they also carry ribeye steaks, beef patties, and hot dogs!

Grilling and Tailgate SeasonI decided to stock up on Dollar Tree’s selection of meat, chips, condiments, sodas, party plates, napkins, serveware, balloons, and even toys! The kids and adults loved the variety of foods I provided as well as the HUGE selection of drinks. While my husband and his friends were grilling and the girls and I were setting decorations up, the kids were playing games such as football and soccer.

Grilling and Tailgate SeasonIt was the first game of the season, so once we were all setup we gathered around the television and watched our favorite teams play! We had a blast cheering them on while eating and playing games during the commercials. Did I mention that I didn’t break my budget either since I got everything at Dollar Tree? This calls for tailgate parties all season long!

Check out the the video below for some game day inspiration! You’ll be amazed at what you all you can get at Dollar Tree!

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