Valentine's Day Centerpieces

Do you love Valentine’s Day? Well I do too! Every year, I get my husband something special that he has had his eye on, I always make sure to stock up on candy for the kids, and I even get a little something for my girlfriends! This year, I am hosting a “Galentine’s Day” party for me and my friends. This will include apps, drinks, and of course decorations! When I was in my local Dollar Tree, I came across these self inflatable foil “LOVE” balloons and thought they would make a perfect addition to my centerpieces. I stocked up on both the red and pink balloons and they turned out LOVE-ly! Check out below to see how I created them using just a few $1 supplies from Dollar Tree!

LOVE-ly Supplies From Dollar Tree:

  • Heart-Shaped Metal Wreath Form
  • 2 Rolls of  5-yd. Red or Pink Decorative Mesh
  • 4.3-ft. Floral Garden® Wired LED Light Set
  • Eyeglass Repair Kit
  • 6-pk. AA Batteries
  • Foil “LOVE” Script Balloon
  • 6-ct. Heart-Shaped Confetti-Filled Latex Balloons
  • 11″ Plastic Balloon Pump
  • 7-Stem Artificial Queen Roses
  • 2-pk. of Scotch® Tape
  • Optional: Scissors

Follow Along Step-by-Step:

  1. Start by tying the ends of your red or pink decorative mesh to the point (or the bottom) of the heart-shaped wreath form.
  2. Working your way around the wreath form tuck loops of mesh between each of the rungs.
  3. Once you’ve gone all the way around the form, spread 3-4″ loops of mesh out to create the base.
  4. Next, remove the roses from the master stem, leaving about 4″ of stem on the rose portion (bend wire back and forth to make a break or use scissors).
  5. Add roses to the base of your wreath form by sticking them into the decorative mesh and then spread the mesh further around roses.
  6. Add 2 AA Batteries to the LED light set (The light set has a small safety screw that can be taken out with the screwdriver from the eyeglass repair kit!).
  7. Tuck the battery pack in the point of the heart using mesh to cover it up and wind the lights around the front of the heart.
  8. Inflate a confetti heart using the balloon pump, and tape it to the base.
  9. Inflate the “LOVE” script balloon using the balloon pump, and tape to the confetti heart.

There you have it… LOVE-ly centerpieces complete!

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