Mouthwatering $3 Watermelon Wreath

July 9, 2018  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Watermelon Wreath RingWhen I think of the perfect summer day, I think about sharing slices of watermelon with my family in the backyard after a long, hot afternoon playing in the sun. Since watermelon is my kids’ favorite summer snack, and a pretty wreath is my favorite decoration, I was inspired to make a “watermelon” wreath! I’ll hang it on my door all summer long as a bright welcome. Oh, and guess how much I spent to make this? $3! I’ll let you in on my secret: plastic table covers from Dollar Tree. It’s one of the most easy and innovative crafting hacks I’ve tried yet (check out this football-themed wreath I made in the fall using the same technique). Learn how to make your own… no matter how you slice it, this wreath idea is a real juicy one!

Watermelon Wreath Essentials:

  • Wire Wreath Form
  • Pink or Red Plastic Table Cover
  • Green Plastic Table Cover
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • ScissorsWreath Supplies

Wrap Up Your Watermelon Wreath:

  1. Unfold the table covers on a flat work surface and use your scissors to cut them into 2×6″ strips.
  2. Loop-knot green strips around the outer wire rim until the wire is completely covered.
  3. Loop-knot pink or red strips around the three inner wire rims until all of the wire is covered.Tie in knots
  4. Use your permanent marker to draw black watermelon seeds onto the pink or red strips. Scatter the seeds to make it look like the inside of a watermelon!Seeds with marker
  5. Fluff the plastic strips until it’s formed to your liking, then hang on your front door for a mouthwatering watermelon wreath display!

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