Top Moving Tips for the New Year

January 10, 2019  |  Tips & Hacks  |  Written by
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The process of packing and moving involves a lot of thought, effort, and man power! That is why I have come up with these easy, yet life-saving tips to help you efficiently pack and prepare for your move, keeping stress minimal and time of the essence!

Color-Coded Labels

7 Moving TipsWhen labeling your boxes, skip ruining them by writing with a permanent marker. Grab a color coded box of labels from Dollar Tree and use a coordinating colored marker to label them. Keep all kitchen boxes labeled with the same blue colored stickers and marker, bedroom essentials with the same orange ones, bathroom supplies with the same green ones, and so on. This tip saves your boxes and helps movers easily place each box in the right location or room!

First Day Essentials Bin

7 Moving TipsEver find yourself struggling to figure out exactly which box is holding those items you desperately need? Place all daily necessities into one clear storage bin labeled “First Day Essentials.” This will keep all those much-needed supplies at your fingertips without having to dig for them.

Place Knives in Potholders

7 Moving TipsSilverware can be tricky to pack up and keep safe. Place all sharp knives inside oven mitts and pot holders to keep the sharp edges well-padded and tucked away. This helps you avoid any accidental cut during unpacking. 

Protect Your Plates

7 Moving TipsWhy spend extra money on expensive padding? Simply stack paper plates in between breakable plates for the perfect spacing and an inexpensive solution to padding.

Don’t Unhang Your Clothes

7 Moving TipsPerhaps the most time-saving tip of all… keep those clothes on their hangers! Simply wrap a trash bag around your hanging clothes and tie to secure. Easily grab and lay flat for moving then, hang and untie for an effortless closet unpack.

Cover for Opened Bottles

7 Moving TipsUse plastic wrap overtop of bottles that may leak. Whether it be shower supplies or pantry necessities, if it has a squeeze bottle, or cap top, cover it up with plastic wrap and seal it into plastic gallon storage bags. If there happens to be a slight leak during the move, the mess will be spared!

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