Stained Glass Leaf teaching craft idea.Celebrate the changing of the season and capture the colors of fall! These cool little “stained glass” leaves are easy to make and also great for decorating your classroom. They are beautiful hung in a window where the sunlight can show off their colors. They’re also cool hung from the ceiling so kids can watch them whirl and twirl.

Make these yourself as a fun classroom decoration, or make this a class project for older students. This is a great arts and crafts idea that allows them to express their creativity with colors. Plus, they can take their leaves home with them at the end of the season. I always like to plan a colorful craft like this right before the parent/teacher conferences or before an open house… they are the perfect way to make the classroom cheerful while showing off the kids’ talents and creativity to their parents.

What You’ll Need:

stained glass paper leaves craftEasy Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Using the leaf patterns provided in the links above, trace the patterns onto stiff paper and cut them out to make a stencil. If you’d prefer, you can design your own leaf patterns/stencils.
  • Using your new leaf stencil(s), trace the leaf pattern onto black construction paper. You can use other colors of paper if you prefer.
  • Using scissors cut out the leaf pattern. Then, punch a hole with your scissors into the middle of the leaf and cut around the inside of the pattern creating a 1⁄4″ to 1⁄2″ frame (see picture above).
  • Tear colored tissue paper into small pieces (about 1″ or so). Be sure to tear enough tissue for the entire project.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper slightly larger than your leaf frame.
  • Spread white glue on the wax paper with your fingers (or a brush), then stick pieces of tissue paper on the glue in a random pattern, overlapping them to create dimension and texture, until your wax paper is covered with tissue. Brush some glue on top of the tissue to set it.
  • Add a line of white glue to your leaf frame then glue it on top of the tissue-paper-covered wax paper. Set aside to dry.
  • Once everything is dry, use scissors to trim off the excess wax/tissue paper.

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