Spring Fairy Garden Fairy gardens are one of the hottest trends in the gardening world! For those who are unfamiliar with this form of fun, a fairy garden is a miniature garden created in a small container or terrarium, complete with living or faux plants or moss, fairy figurines, and adorable accessories.

Spring Fairy Garden Fairy gardens have gained such popularity because they can be created year-round, displayed inside or outdoors, and are said to bring good luck to your home.

Spring Fairy Garden So, build your own magical fairy garden with Dollar Tree’s 31-pc. Mini Fairy Garden Sets for just $19! This carefully detailed polyresin set includes everything needed to create an enchanted fairy land.

Each case includes the entire collection, 31 pieces total. Each polyresin set comes with an assortment of 7 fairy homes, 6 larger scene-setting accessories, and 18 small accessories including fairies, gnomes, mushrooms, woodland creatures, signs, and patio furniture (packaged in sets of 3).Spring Fairy Garden Spring Fairy Garden Spring Fairy Garden Spring Fairy Garden Spring Fairy Garden

Order your set while supplies last and get started on your magically enchanted fairy world today! Also great for DIY terrarium parties and resale in garden and gift shops.

2020 Fairy GardenThis year, Dollar Tree is also offering 6 1⁄3″ Square Cement Fairy Garden Yards with Fences sold separately.

So, head to a local store near you and pick up a set today!

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