New Year, New YouIf you’re like most people, you’ve probably resolved to get healthier in 2020… eating better, exercising more, losing weight, etc. Here are 5 easy and affordable tips to kickoff a healthier new you this year:

  1. Eat off of smaller plates — who knew such a simple idea could have such profound effects? It’s a visual trick that can help your brain think it’s getting more food. Plus, a smaller plate will limit how much food you can pile onto it. Make it more fun by buying a few new smaller plates from Dollar Tree… we carry a great selection of $1 dinnerware, so stop in or shop online.
  2. Drink more water — they say it helps control calories, balance body fluids, energize muscles, and keeps your skin looking great. Shop at Dollar Tree for a cool $1 reusable water bottle, or buy bottled water (6 bottles for just a buck).
  3. Drink green tea — among its many documented health benefits, some claim that green tea may help increase metabolism and aid in weight loss. We carry a variety of green tea with 24 to 30 tea bags per box for just $1.
  4. Jump rope — it burns calories, can help increase cardiovascular fitness, and can even improve the muscle tone in your legs and lower body. Plus, you can do it anywhere — indoors or out, and even on vacation. Stop by your favorite Dollar Tree store or shop online for colorful jump ropes for just $1 each.
  5. Plan ahead for healthy snacks — Eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day may help boost your metabolism and keep you full and satisfied, which can help you avoid cheating. Buy zip-seal snack bags at Dollar Tree and prepare portion-controlled snacks such as fresh-cut veggies, berries, raw nuts, and more.

Looking for more ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Check out this New Year’s resolution board to help you stay on track!

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