Themed Birthday Parties

Every year, I am constantly trying to think of a different and fun theme to do for my kids’ birthdays without spending a fortune on decorations and party supplies. One of the biggest challenges is finding what I need at one place rather than going all over town for supplies, which is why I go to my local Dollar Tree because they have TONS of party supplies and birthday themes. I stock up on everything from banners and balloons to tableware and serveware. They even have ADORABLE party favors to give the kiddos. I have listed some of my favorite birthday party themes they carry below. I am even using the sports theme for my son’s birthday this year!

Sports Galore Themed Birthday Parties

If your kids are like mine and play sports all year round then they will absolutely love this sports-inspired birthday theme. Whether they play football in the fall or soccer in the spring, this birthday party theme will surely be a hit for your sports lovin’ kids!

Birthday Flutters with Pops of ColorThemed Birthday Parties

My little girl is obsessed with the color pink. I’m talkin’ her walls in her room are pink, her bicycle is pink, even a majority of her clothes are pink. When her birthday comes around this party theme will be perfect. Plus, it even includes butterflies which, will make her flutter with joy! I HIGHLY recommend using this party theme for your little girl’s upcoming birthday.

Balloons Bonanza!Themed Birthday Parties

Let me tell ya’, this party theme is sure to be a crowd pleaser plus, you can never go wrong with balloons. Am I right? I usually have a set of these decorations on hand because they are versatile enough to use for any birthday. Just between us, I am always forgetting when my husband’s birthday is therefore, this theme is perfect to use when I am down to the wire!

Best Party on the Block Themed Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun twist on a block party? Try out this unique and handy theme for a birthday! This block design makes it easy to mix and match different-colored party plates, napkins, and tablecloths since its design is simple yet, colorful. Once again, I tend to always keep this theme on hand!

Looking for additional birthday party ideas? Check out this princess birthday party or even this Dr. Seuss inspired birthday!

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