Place Setting Ideas for Easter

April 18, 2019  |  Celebrations  |  Written by
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Easter Place SettingAre you hosting an Easter brunch or dinner event for your friends and family? This beautiful holiday calls for a fresh and seasonally inspired setting, which is why I have created two Easter place setting ideas! This year, I’m looking to keep things bright, airy, and natural in order to create an unforgettable tablescape to host my Easter event. Not to mention, I’m able to keep things affordable without having to skimp on the details since Dollar Tree has just about everything I need to make my table “pop.” They have everything from plates and utensils to glassware and décor, plus their floral section is AHH-mazing!

Follow these tips for DIY Easter place settings!

1. Get EGG-cited Over This Elegant Easter Table SettingEaster Place Setting

Hop to It and Pick Up These Supplies:

    • Silver Charger Plates
    • White Dinner Plates
    • Silverware
    • Glassware
    • Spanish Moss
    • Faux Miniature Eggs
    • Napkin – I chose a gray and white napkin I had at home

Create a rustic and classic place setting using a silver charger plate, a white plate, silverware, and simple glassware. Add a Spanish moss nest at the center of each setting with faux miniature eggs on top as the final touch!

2. Every-BUNNY Will Be HOPpy Over This Brunch Table SettingEaster Place Setting

EGG-ceptionally Simple Supplies:

    • Willow Wreath Form
    • White Dinner Plates
    • Colored Napkin – I chose green
    • Silverware
    • Bright Glassware
    • Spanish Moss
    • Miniature Planter Pot
    • Faux Egg (you can use a real egg; just be careful it doesn’t crack!)
    • Marker

Create a bright setting using a willow wreath to frame your plate, a colored napkin with matching glassware, silverware, and a white plate. Add a pot with Spanish moss and an egg in it as the name card to complete the setting!

Looking to add to your festive décor? Check out this rustic Easter egg décor and bunny willow wreath to complete the look!

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