Poke-a-Pumpkin Prize Game for Kids

October 12, 2018  |  Celebrations  |  Written by
The Dollarista

Poke a Pumpkin GameWith Halloween comes candy, and with candy comes extra energy for the kiddos. Release their extra energy with this poke-a-pumpkin prize game! It’s simple to make and fun to play, plus you get a tasty treat at the end. This game is perfect for teachers, Halloween parties, or even to have on your doorstep when kids come by to trick‐or‐treat!

Game Pieces:

  • Black Foam Board
  • Orange Cups (2 or 3 sleeves of 12)
  • Orange Tissue Paper or Wrapping Paper
  • Green Craft Paper
  • Gold Paint Markers
  • Black Markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • CandyPoke a Pumpkin Game

Game Time:

  1. Your first move is to write the title of the game on the black foam board. I decided to use a gold paint marker so that it really stood out against the black backdrop.Poke a Pumpkin Game
  2. Next, draw and cut out two leaves for the top of the pumpkin. This will help distinguish the look. I drew the leaves first in pencil then on the green craft paper, and added black lines in the middle. After cutting them out, I taped them to the board.Poke a Pumpkin Game
  3. Now it’s time to create your pumpkin! I suggest laying the cups on the board first to mark where you want to place them under your green leaves. I also suggest buying two sleeves of cups if you are going to use the entire board. I used 23 cups total.Poke a Pumpkin Game
  4. Once you have it mapped out, place the candy inside the cups. (Note: you don’t have to fill each cup with candy, it will make the game more exciting).Poke a Pumpkin Game
  5. After the candy is placed, cover the top of the cup with tissue paper or wrapping paper. I was unable to find orange tissue paper at the time, so I decide to use orange wrapping paper, which worked great! I used rubber bands to secure the paper to the cups.Poke a Pumpkin Game
  6. After your cups have been loaded with candy and wrapped up, add hot glue to the bottom of the cups and secure them to the board in their appropriate spots.Poke a Pumpkin Game
  7. There you have it! Have kids take turns “poking” a piece of the pumpkin and watch their reactions. Such a fun game for kids to play around Halloween and you can recreate this look for any theme or holiday (Poke‐a‐Christmas Tree, Poke‐a‐Balloon, etc.).
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