Princess Birthday Party Inspiration

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Princess Birthday Party InspirationDo you know a special little kid who would just love a princess birthday party? I know I do! Dollar Tree has tons of fun party decorations, party favors, baking supplies, and craft supplies so you can throw the princess party of their dreams on a budget. Plus, I’m sharing three TIARArific handmade princess party ideas below to help get you inspired.

Pull-Apart Princess Cupcakes

Pull-Apart CupcakesBake up a batch of your child’s favorite cupcakes and top them with frosting in their favorite color. Instead of displaying the cupcakes in rows, arrange them in the shape of a princess dress. Surround them with a crown and wand to complete the look. What a fun and affordable alternative to birthday cake!

Princess Hanging Lanterns

Princess Hanging LanternsDollar Tree sells hanging paper lanterns and dress-up princess crowns. Put them together and create hanging princess lanterns! Add some hot glue to the rim of the tiara and attach it to the top of the lantern. Make a few of these and hang them around your party for a true fairytale feel!

DIY Ribbon Wands

DIY Ribbon WandsNo royal celebration is complete without a princess wand! This is an excellent idea for a party favor or party activity. Make DIY ribbon wands before the party to set out as favors. Or, set up a craft station with the supplies laid out so the children can make their own during the party. Cut strands of colorful ribbon to size and tie them to the ends of wooden skewers. It’s that simple! Just be sure to trim down the sharp ends for safety. Every kid will love having their own magical wand to play with and twirl.

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