Pro Tips for CookiesFire up your ovens because baking season has begun! Whipping up batches of cookies for parties, teachers, neighbors, and Santa will keep you busy this month. Stock up on your supplies now and follow these fail-proof tips to make sure each batch turns out flawlessly delicious!

  1. Always begin baking by reading your recipe completely. This ensures that no steps are skipped, and that no last-minute grocery runs are needed!
  2. Gather ingredients before beginning. This will save you some time and unnecessary trips back to the pantry or refrigerator.Pro Tips for Cookies
  3. Unless stated otherwise, use ingredients at room temperature. This makes such a difference and allows all ingredients to be incorporated together seamlessly.
  4. When eggs are being used, use U.S. graded large or extra-large eggs. Skipping on the size can affect your results.Pro Tips for Cookies
  5. Butter or stick-type margarine is best. Softened, when needed, at room temperature to give your cookies that golden-brown look and buttery taste.Pro Tips for Cookies
  6. Combine ingredients uniformly. Don’t speed the process, stir and incorporate slowly to ensure even distribution!Pro Tips for Cookies
  7. Do not over mix. Combine ingredients just enough!
  8. Make sure to grease trays and pans. All that work in preparing something sweet, make sure the cookies easily slide off your trays when complete!Pro Tips for Cookies
  9. Always preheat the oven. Make sure your oven is at full temperature before baking.Pro Tips for Cookies
  10. Make sure to bake in the center rack. This allows for even temperature throughout the bake.
  11. Don’t place raw dough on a hot sheet. Keep things at room temperature until baking.Pro Tips for Cookies
  12. Check cookies at the minimum cooking time to avoid easy burning!Pro Tips for Cookies
  13. Use a timer to ensure that you don’t forget.
  14. Use pot holders for safe removal and transfer from the oven.Pro Tips for Cookies
  15. Place cookies on a cooling rack. This allows each cookie to cool properly.Pro Tips for Cookies
  16. Clean up as you go along. After each step, place that ingredient back where it belongs and rinse your dishes as well. This will help avoid an overwhelming clean up in the end leaving you with more time to enjoy those cookies with a cold glass of milk!

Now it’s time to test out your baking skills by making these baked homemade cinnamon donuts!

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