5 Must-Have Wedding ProductsLet’s face it… weddings can get expensive! Thinking back on my wedding day, there are so many different things I could have done to make my wedding more cost-effective. I don’t want you to overlook ways to save for your wedding, which is why I am here to share with you some simple ways to save using my top 5 must-have products from Dollar Tree… and they are just $1 each! Not only are these products useful for your wedding day, but they can be used for other events you host as well.

I promise that these products will help you save money on your wedding in the long haul and will make planning the event a bit easier with additional wedding ideas! Affordable and available at Dollar Tree, these 5 listed items can make your event functional, charming, and right on trend!

  1. DIY Food RisersProducts for Wedding

Make your own risers for snacks, finger foods, and desserts using glass tapered candleholders and plates. Use a strong craft glue to adhere the plate and candleholder together. Get colored plates that match the theme and décor of your wedding or keep things minimal with a clear glass plate. These are just perfect for elevating your serving stations!

  1. Mini Forks and Spoons5 Must-Have Wedding Products

Use plastic mini forks and spoons as skewers and scoopers! The perfect size for small bite-sized hors d’oeuvres. Create bite-sized snacks and serve each one with a mini fork or spoon for easy serving.

  1. Appetizer and Dessert MoldsProducts for Wedding

Use a cupcake pan to make chocolate dessert molds. Spray each tin with non-stick spray and fill with melted chocolate. Add in a sprinkle of shredded coconut or nuts if desired!

  1. Customize Your Labels Using Chalkboards5 Must-Have Wedding Products

Use various sized chalkboards as labeling stands. Write fun phrases and use them on the gift table or at your photo booth. You could also use them for table numbers or to identify your food and treats on the buffet!

  1. Desserts & Appetizers!5 Must-Have Wedding Products

Use dessert shot glasses for individualized appetizers and desserts. The perfect size for events!

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