Trendy Summer ItemsLast year, my husband decided to turn our room over the garage into his own personal man cave. It has all the bells and whistles, from neon signs and a pool table to mini fridges and games galore. I thought I needed my own girl space so, this year I decided to make over our shed and turn it into my personalized she-shed! I am finally at the point where I can start decorating, so of course the first place I think to look is Dollar Tree. They have the most adorable and affordable décor items to glam up my shed. I have listed 5 of my favorite items I found at Dollar Tree (not to mention, am obsessed with), so check them out!

1. Mermaid Reversible Sequin PillowsTrendy Spring Products

Give your room some shimmer, shine, and a little bit of magic! These vibrant plush sequin pillows are a great way to add some glimmer and glam to your living space. With a swipe of a finger you can change colors and make fun designs. Plus, the super-soft plush on the back allows you to relax in comfort and style. They come assorted among 7 colors, so you can find a color to match your style (I ended up getting a few of the gold and turquoise pillows).

2. Macaron-Shaped Hinged Trinket BoxesTrendy Summer Items

Store your valuables in style! These tasty pastel macaron-shaped boxes are perfect for storing jewelry, trinkets, and other small sentimental items. Plus, they come in blue, mint green, pink, and purple. I use them to store my collection of rings and now I never lose them. They even come in handy in my she-shed for storing all of my knick-knacks!

3. Coastal Ceramic Fish Fragrance WarmersTrendy Summer Items

Take a bit of the ocean and put it into your home with a touch of coziness to sooth you like a long summer vacation. These candle fragrance diffusers come assorted among gray, blue, light blue, and aqua blue. I mixed and matched colors in order to add a touch of warmth and elegance to my space. Plus, if you pair them with scented oils and tealight candles, these ceramic fragrance warmers help create a welcoming and relaxing ambience in any room.

4. Ceramic Mermaid Tail Trinket PlatesTrendy Summer Items

If mythical creatures make you happy (like me) and you need a place in your home to keep your keys, odds and ends, or beauty products, then you’ll love having these mermaid tail plates! They come assorted among purple, white, blue, and pink and are perfect for your entryway table, bedside table, countertops, and more! I, personally, will be using these as accent décor for my coffee table.

5. Faux Fur PillowsTrendy Summer Items

Give your room some sophisticated pizazz by adding a little bit of fur-tastic décor! These beautiful 8-inch plush faux fur pillows come assorted among navy blue, light pink, and dark green. They are a great way to add some glitz and glam to any room, except for maybe his man cave. 😉

Looking to see what other trendy items Dollar Tree is carrying? Check out their Trending at the Tree page to see for yourself!

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