Lemon Bridal ShowerHosting a bridal shower can be stressful. There are so many things you have to think of such as a theme, what food you’re going to serve, decorations, games, and the list could go on and on. Not to mention, throwing a shower can cost a fortune. Thankfully Dollar Tree has you covered. They have everything from party decorations and serveware, to food and drinks all at an affordable $1 price!

Now that you know where to get it all, let’s focus on what exactly you need to get! This year, keep things simple and light by hosting a lemon-themed bridal shower. Lemons seem to be a trendy item these days, so pucker up and get ready to throw the sweetest shower yet by following these tips below!

1.Make Your Very Own Lemonade StandLemon Bridal Shower

Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • Glass Pint Jar Mugs
    • Chalkboard Signs
    • Chalk
    • Paper Straws
    • Lemons (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
    • Lemonade

Create your own lemonade stand by serving lemonade in Dollar Tree’s glass pint jar mugs. Finish each glass with a bright paper straw and slice of lemon for garnish! Don’t forget to decorate the beverage station using chalkboard signs with cute themed sayings such as “Lemonade for Sale .50¢ and even adding you own DIY lemon banner.Lemon Bridal Shower

2.Sliced Lemon BackdropLemon Bridal Shower

Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • Construction Paper (Dark Yellow, Light Yellow, and White)
    • Tape
    • Scissors

Perfect for photo booths, party tablescapes, or for decorating a front door to welcome guests!

    1. Simply fold your light yellow construction paper accordion style and tape it into a circle.Lemon Bridal ShowerLemon Bridal Shower
    2. Using your dark yellow construction paper, cut the rim portion of the lemon.
    3. Don’t forget to add a few seeds using white construction paper!Lemon Bridal Shower

3.Lemon GarlandLemon Bridal Shower

Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • Twine
    • Construction Paper (Dark Green, Light Green, and Yellow)
    • Tape
    • Scissors

Use scissors, tape, twine, and colored paper to create a cute lemon garland! Perfect for hanging across your tablescape, staircase, or anyway you need a pop of color!Lemon Bridal Shower

4.Lemon Balloon Table RunnerLemon Bridal Shower

Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • Balloons (Yellow, Green, White)
    • Faux Greenery
    • Twine or String
    • Scissors

Use yellow and green balloons paired with greenery to create a bubbly and festive table runner!

    1. Tie different sized balloons along a string of ribbon or twine to create the base.Lemon Bridal Shower
    2. Insert greenery in open spaces and place at the center of your party table for a show stopping centerpiece.Lemon Bridal Shower

5.Tabletop DécorLemon Bridal Shower

Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • Vases
    • Yellow Faux Flowers
    • Lemons (Not Sold at Dollar Tree)
    • Water

Display these simple, yet festive floral arrangements around your party area by filling a vase from Dollar Tree with sliced lemons and water. Top them off yellow faux flowers for an arrangement that will last all party long!Lemon Bridal Shower

6.Signs of LoveLemon Bridal Shower

Here’s What You’ll Need:

    • Chalkboards
    • Chalk

Display these easy, yet fun chalkboard signs around your party area. Don’t forget to add cute sayings such as “Pucker Up” and “She Found Her Main Squeeze.”

Fresh, sweet, and beautifully themed, follow these tips below for hosting a Lemon Bridal Shower!

Now that you’ve got your theme covered, how about some tasty finger food to go along with the theme? Try out this recipe for these refreshing lemon coconut bars!

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