Mother's Day CardMother’s Day is a day devoted to celebrating all of the moms in your life, and what better way to send your love than with a card? I tend to send cards to not only my mom, but my husband’s mom, my stepmother, and even my best friend who is about to become a mother. Plus, since I’m a mom, I enjoy receiving cards, too! 😉

I love going to Dollar Tree and picking out the perfect personalized card that suits each person’s personality. For example, my mom is the jokester of our family, therefore I tend to send her the funniest card I can find! The best part is that I not only find the perfect cards, but Dollar Tree’s $1 and 2 for $1 card prices can’t be beat, especially when I am buying a lot of cards for all the moms in my life.

Mother's Day Greeting CardsDollar Tree carries 2 for $1 cards in their Heartline, a Hallmark Company, card line and $1 cards in their Expressions From Hallmark card line, which both have a HUGE selection of Mother’s Day cards. From funny and witty to loving and caring, there is surely a card to suit your loved ones.

Head to your local Dollar Tree and pick up the perfect card… I know I’m going to!

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