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We know that staying organized is extremely important for teachers… and with the right supplies on hand, you can stay on track and stick to your budget. One of our most popular and effective teaching tools is the dry-erase board! There are so many savvy ways to use dry-erase boards in your classroom every day. Stock up on $1 Dry-Erase Boards and try out these creative ideas this week.

Seven Ways to Use Dry-Erase Boards:

  1. Keep your students from shouting out answers. Give every kid in your classroom a dry-erase board and marker to write down answers to your questions. Instead of raising their hands, they can raise their boards when they know the correct answer.
  2. Teaching math? Instead of wasting scratch paper during tests or homework, let your students use dry-erase boards to write down their formulas.
  3. Keep an extra set of dry-erase boards handy for classroom down time. They’re perfect for playing tic-tac-toe, sketching, or mapping out a scavenger hunt.
  4. Place one near your classroom door to have students sign in and out for bathroom breaks. Or simply use it as a volunteer board for a class activity or a sign-in board in the mornings to help with roll call.
  5. Keep a board and marker on your desk to prioritize your tasks for each day in the mornings. (Dollar Tree sells dry-erase calendar boards, too!)
  6. Hang them around your classroom and display inspirational messages to motivate your students. Change them weekly and let your students get involved in writing them, too.
  7. If you’re throwing a class party soon, use a dry-erase board to plan out who is responsible for bringing what. Write down all the supplies that are needed, such as paper plates, cups, drinks, chips, and more, and have your students write their names next to the items they plan to contribute.
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