Shabby Chic Wreath

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Shabby Chic Wreath

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Welcome friends this spring with a festive shabby chic wreath. They’ll be impressed that you sniffed out such a great deal — creating your own springtime decorations instead of paying too much at the local home décor store. Though it will take a little time to create each piece of this colorful wreath, we think the results are totally worth it!

Shabby Chic Supplies:

  • Foam Craft Balls in Various Sizes (Note: If you can’t find foam balls in the craft or floral section at your local Dollar Tree, ping pong or lightweight bouncing balls will work. To cover our 11″ vine wreath, we used approximately 60 medium/large foam balls and ping pong balls, and 40 small (¾”) foam balls.)
  • Satin Ribbon in Assorted Colors (Each spool will cover about 4-5 medium/large foam balls.)
  • 2-3 Packages of Twine
  • Wreath Form (We used an 11″ vine wreath)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Wreath Making Time:

  1. Wrap each foam or ping pong ball with ribbon or twine. (Tip: only wrap about ¾ of your ball supply so that you can gauge the progress of the wreath and complete it with more balls in your favorite color or size.)
  2. Glue the ribbon- or twine-covered balls to the wreath form, randomly arranging them by color and size. We recommend saving the smaller pieces to fill in open spaces when the wreath is almost finished.
  3. Allow the glue to completely dry and harden so the balls are securely in place on the wreath.

Display on your front door with pride!

Transforming your home from unremarkable to extraordinary is easy with crafts like these. Check out this succulent wreath idea for more inspiration if this wreath idea has you itching to do more.

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