Spice Jar OrganizationIs your spice cabinet packed with different sized jars or containers with mismatched labels? Spice up your cabinets with Dollar Tree’s small glass jars! Organize, categorize, and label your spices in these $1 glass jars and never spend extra time searching for a spice again. Keep this cabinet uniform with matching clear jars and large printed labels. Plus, if you don’t have spices, are looking to restock, or if yours have expired, don’t forget to pick some up at your local Dollar Tree.

Sizzle Up Your Spice Cabinet:

  • Spices
  • Small Glass Jars with Lids
  • Labels (Printed or Hand-Written)

Spice Things Up!

  1. Insert all spices into their own individual glass jars. Screw the lids on tightly.
  2. Label each jar as you go, with printed or hand-written labels.
  3. Apply the label directly to one side of the jar.
  4. Organize spice jars accordingly in your cabinet, grouping like-spices!

Fun Tip: choose a color for groups of like-spices and paint the top of the lids for extra easy recognition! Example: for herbs, like bay leaves and thyme, paint the top of the lids green. For seasoning blends, like chili powder and curry, paint the lids orange.

Now that you’ve got your spices organized, why not make a flavorful dish with them! Start by whipping up some delicious foil-baked blackened tilapia!

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