Feedback and Stories from Dollar Tree Business CustomersAt Dollar Tree, we love to help small business owners save money and find affordable solutions to all their business product needs. And, we absolutely love to hear from our business customers… we enjoy their stories of how Dollar Tree has saved them money and made it possible for their small businesses to thrive! Here are some customer reviews and stories from business owners:

Inspiration, Value & Saved Time at the Dollar Tree

“As a freelance artist, selling my wares online, and part-time online merchandiser on eBay, I don’t have time to shop sales in order to save money on supplies. Not only that, but do you know the phrase ‘starving artist?’ Well, there’s a reason for it, which is why I shop at Dollar Tree for my shipping needs. In one stop I can get all the good stuff I need, like wrapping tape, padded envelopes, bubble wrap, tissue paper and even beautiful Thank You cards, without spending a fortune. And I love it when I unexpectedly find inspirational items like the squirt guns I turned into steampunk rayguns or the clear wedding favor boxes I used to house and display the miniature fairies I made. Actually, when I leave for Dollar Tree, my boss (that would be me) tells me to save even more time for myself and pick up whatever I need for the home while I’m there.

Simply put, Dollar Tree is my fantasy department store. I get what I need to keep my shipping costs down and make my customers happy. At the same time, I find ideas for art and DIY projects and get to keep my family happy with health and personal care items and other household supplies. And all for a fraction of what it would cost if I shopped elsewhere.

Yep, I love the Dollar Tree.”
        – KKandtheGirls, Freelance Artist


My story’s simple, I deal in antiques and collectibles. What Dollar Tree provides for me is a place to buy candy and small kids items. I use them for events around the holidays to make the kids happy. Candy at Halloween and Easter, small toys at Christmas from ‘Santa’. Dollar Tree lets me be a better member of my community without breaking my bank in the process.”
        – JwsBooks, Small Retailer


Dollar Tree to my rescue!

“I run a small floral shop, so when our economy went into a recession in 2005 I found Dollar Tree. I order all of our glass vases and floral supplies through Dollar Tree. You have saved my bottom line with quality merchandise and free shipping to my local Dollar Tree. I can’t thank you enough! You kept us in business when money was tight!”
    – florist77, Florist


Spread a little sunshine

“I purchased two cases of solar flowers to give away at key conferences. Not only were they a big hit, but 1 year later, customers still point out their happy sunflowers that are still going strong. I count on the Dollar Store to enhance my marketing efforts.”
        – FlowersHouston, Educator

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