Beach and Pool EssentialsI’m sure everyone can agree that packing the family up for the beach or pool can be quite a monumental task! Plus, staying hydrated, cool, safe, and stocked on snacks are requirements for a fun day in the sun! This summer my family and I plan on taking many trips to the pool and beach, so this year I am going to plan ahead and create the ultimate checklist so that I don’t forget anything. Use these 7 tips on essentials to keep your checklist sweet and simple.

  1. First Things First… TowelsBeach and Pool Essentials

Pack enough for everyone in your crew! Whether you’re lounging on the sand or propped up next to the pool, towels ensure you can dry off and relax.

  1. We Love Snacks!Beach and Pool Essentials

These are a necessity especially for kids! Make sure to pack enough and provide a variety of snacks to cater to each person in your group. Pretzels, goldfish, gummies, nuts, the possibilities are endless and since they are only $1 each you can stock up on everything!

  1. Water is EssentialBeach and Pool Essentials

Available in multiple sizes and styles, stock up on reusable plastic water bottles to conserve and be eco-friendly. Fill and freeze overnight for ice cold water during the day!

  1. Don’t Forget the SunscreenBeach and Pool Essentials

Protect your skin! Make sure to lather up before you soak up the sunshine. Don’t forget to grab some hats, visors, and sunglasses for extra protection.

  1. Beat the Heat and Pack a CoolerBeach and Pool Essentials

Keep your perishable foods and drinks chilled while outside in the heat. Plus, don’t forget to keep a pack on-hand in case of any injury because if your kids are anything like mine they are constantly getting hurt!

  1. In Case of EmergenciesBeach and Pool Essentials

Band-aids for scrapes, hand sanitizer to cleanse the salty sand or chlorine from your hands, lip balm to protect your lips… the list could go on and on. When you’re in a pinch, this kit will save the day as it has done for me many times!

  1. Think Ahead and Keep DryBeach and Pool Essentials

Pack a roll of plastic bags (the small ones used for picking up after pets are what I like to use) to store wet clothes and bathing suits. Store these in your beach or pool bag to keep wet items together while keeping your other bag contents dry!

Beach and Pool Essentials

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