Tacky Christmas Sweater IdeasTacky Christmas SweaterTacky Christmas sweaters have become a staple for all holiday celebrations. If you were lucky enough to save your Christmas sweater from the 80’s, then you’re already set… but, most of us aren’t that fortunate. Don’t worry, that’s where Dollar Tree comes in!

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle over pre-made, high-priced tacky sweaters — this tradition should be all about making your own. Express your creativity and gear up for the winter weather with a DIY tacky sweater! We’re here to give you a few ideas to help spark inspiration so you can deck the halls with the wackiest, tackiest sweater of all.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Ideas1. O’ Tacky Tree Sweater

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how tacky are thy branches? Put a tacky twist on the ultimate icon of the holidays… the Christmas tree! Choose a solid-color sweater (we chose black to make the tree really stand out) and let’s get started. To save time, use Dollar Tree’s $1 felt Christmas tree cutout as a base. For tacky trimmings, basically grab everything you’d need to decorate a Christmas tree: tinsel, garland, ornaments, lights, a tree topper, and other festive $1 embellishments. Attach them to your tree using hot glue. Make your sweater even better by adding your leftover trimmings to the bottom of your sweater, sleeve cuffs, and neckline. Everyone will pine over your tree-mendous DIY skills and you’ll be sure to win fir-st place in any tacky sweater contest!

Tacky Christmas Sweater Ideas2. “Do You Wanna Make a Snowman?” Sweater

Do you wanna build a snowman… sweater? Unlike Frosty, this snowman won’t melt away while you’re having some holiday fun! Get started on this snow-chic look with a solid-color sweater (we chose red), and use Dollar Tree’s felt snowman cutout as a base. For more authentic-looking snow, hot glue cotton balls onto the shape of the snowman, to the bottom of your sweater, and to the sleeve cuffs. Now, add your tacky embellishments: craft pom-poms, tinsel, battery-operated string lights, and more. Don’t forget to dress your snowman and give him a jolly ol’ face! We used bells for his buttons, pom-poms for a scarf, glittery coral bushes for arms, and a hat-shaped ornament to top him off. Now, your winter wonderland snowman is all set and ready to chill at your next seasonal shindig.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Ideas3. “BE The Tree” Sweater

Who needs a tree when you have a torso? With this sweater idea, you ARE the tree! Dress in all black or green, and secure our $1 sequined bulb ornaments to your clothing using safety pins. Finish this look with Dollar Tree’s mini battery operated string lights! Loop and drape the string lights across the bulb ornaments and tuck the battery packs in your pocket or back of your shirt. For an extra tacky touch, grab a headband and glue on a star, angel, or bow for your “tree topper!”

Inspired yet? Stay tuned for our Best DIY Tacky Christmas Sweater Contest in our Value Seekers Club® starting Cyber Monday! Not a member? Join the club now and get ready to show off your tacky sweater skills. Psst… there will be prizes starting Cyber Monday!

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