Ultimate Tailgate PartyAs summer comes to an end, my family and I welcome fall and the long-awaited football season! We are HUGE football fans (GO CHEESEHEADS!), so we always go all out with a draft party, tailgates, and endless Sunday night football get-togethers. Hosting a gathering just about every week can get exhausting when I am typically the one supplying all the food and beverages. Plus, me being me, I like to decorate for every occasion. So, I am here to show you how I gear up for my tailgates and get-togethers on a budget with a few fun ideas such as snacks, décor, and even my tablescape!

These affordable ideas are perfect for hosting as you watch the game at home or in the parking lot for a tailgate before kick-off. Follow these themed inspirations to get game-day ready – A great way to get amped up for cheering on your team!

Let’s Start with the Décor…

  1. Score a Touchdown with These DIY Football Pint JarsUltimate Tailgate Party

Start by painting Dollar Tree’s pint glasses in brown paint. Apply a few coats, allow them to dry, and then paint on white laces. Use these glasses to fill with treats, party favors, utensils, or beverages!

  1. Football Field Table Runner & BannerUltimate Tailgate Party

Line your party table in brown wrapping paper. Then, using green wrapping paper, create a table runner and spread across the middle of your table. Use a ruler and a black permanent marker to measure and mark the yard lines, creating a miniature football field.

  1. GOALLLLL!Ultimate Tailgate Party

Use yellow non-helium filled balloons, tape, and yellow paper or yellow streamers to create a field goal backdrop as shown. This is the perfect finishing touch to place above your football field table!

  1. Tissue Paper FootballUltimate Tailgate Party

Layer an entire pack of brown tissue paper and fold accordion style. Tie the tissue paper in the middle using twine, string, or even chenille stems that you have on hand. Next, begin pulling the separate pieces of tissue paper apart very carefully until it begins to form into a football shape. Finish it off by attaching white masking tape to the front of it, forming the laces and voila! You have now created a paper tissue football! Tape it to the middle of your field goal as though it were scoring the extra point.

Now the Most Important Part… the Food!

  1. Simple and Savvy Football Snack BagsUltimate Tailgate Party

Use brown paper bags as the “football” and white masking tape to create laces. Load these baggies up with popcorn or chips for easy snacking!

  1. Football-Themed Oatmeal Cream PiesUltimate Tailgate Party

All you need a plastic snack bag, vanilla icing, and oatmeal cream pies! Fill the snack bag with icing, cut a small hole in the corner, and pipe football laces to the top of the oatmeal cookies. So cute and tasty, too!

  1. Football Pudding CupsUltimate Tailgate Party

Cut and trim white masking tape to apply laces to the side of chocolate pudding cups. Stack them on your party table for a festive display.

  1. Tasty Football PretzelsUltimate Tailgate Party

Dip pretzels rods into melted chocolate. Once dry, pipe white frosting onto them, creating the football laces!

Looking for some more tasty treats to serve up on game day? Score a touchdown with this epic snack stadium!

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