Tips and Hacks for Removable Hooks

January 19, 2020  |  Teachers  |  Written by
Ms. Pennywise

Hacks for Removable HooksI’m always looking for fun and low-cost ways to refresh my pre-school classroom décor. Here are three easy ways I use Dollar Tree’s removable hooks and stickers in my pre-school classroom. *Note: you could also use these ideas at home in your child’s play area or bedroom.

  1. To Hang Student’s Artwork
  2. To Hang Flash Cards
  3. To Hang Posters

1. To Hang Student’s Artwork

  • Wooden Clothespins
  • Removable Double-Sided Adhesive Stickers
  • Decorative Vertical Stickers
  • ScissorsHacks for Removable Hooks

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Affix decorative, vertical stickers to the front side of a wooden clothes pin. Use scissors to cut the excess sticker at one end.Hacks for Removable Hooks
  2. Cut a removable double-sided adhesive sticker in half, lengthwise.
  3. Affix the side of the sticker that DOES NOT say WALL to back of the wooden clothes pin.Hacks for Removable Hooks
  4. Affix the clothes pin to the wall, using the sticker side that says WALL.Hacks for Removable Hooks
  5. Use the clothes pin to hang artwork or other papers throughout your classroom!Hacks for Removable Hooks

2. To Hang Flash Cards

  • Flash Card Set
  • Single Hole Puncher
  • Metal Keyring
  • Removable HooksHacks for Removable Hooks

Follow Along:

  1. Using a single hole puncher, punch holes into the top left side of a set of flash cards. Be careful to make sure the holes are punched in the same area on each flash card.Hacks for Removable Hooks
  2. Slide a metal keyring through the holes at the top of the flash cards. Now all the flash cards for this set can be easily kept together.Hacks for Removable Hooks
  3. Affix a removable hook to the wall, following the double-sided sticker instructions on the hook packaging. Hang the keyring flash card set from the hook.
  4. Repeat these steps for several different flash card sets.Hacks for Removable Hooks

3. To Hang Posters

  • Poster
  • Removable StickersHacks for Removable Hooks

Super Simple Steps:

  1. Affix the removable stickers to each corner of the poster, being careful to affix the sticker so the side labeled “WALL” is not stuck to the poster.
  2. Remove the sticker backing that says “WALL”, and affix the poster to the wall. Repeat this for several posters or other papers, as needed, throughout your classroom.Hacks for Removable Hooks Hacks for Removable Hooks

By using removable hooks and removable stickers from Dollar Tree, I can quickly and easily change my classroom as needed throughout the year!

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