biz-customer_692x362We love helping businesses and nonprofit organizations save money, especially during the holiday season. Our goal is to help you stretch your dollar so you can help more people for less. Check out these stories and learn how Dollar Tree can help your organization save and thrive!

Making Funds Go a Long Way  

“I appreciate Dollar Tree because it has made it possible for our family-run nonprofit to function. So many of the things we put in bags of supplies for homeless men and women can be found at Dollar Tree at a price that cannot be matched anywhere else. We have bought hats, gloves, wipes, deodorant, and other toiletries from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree’s fabulous price has allowed us to buy in bulk without blowing our budget. Dollar Tree has made it possible for us to make a difference in the lives of far more homeless men and women than we could have otherwise. I give credit to Dollar Tree for helping our mission be successful and for helping more people than we ever thought possible.” – ImmediateImpacts, Nonprofit Customer

Dollar Tree Helps Us Help Moms & Babies

“Our nonprofit provides parenting education for young moms. Dollar Tree makes it possible for us to buy rewards along the way to encourage and support these mothers as they raise their children: small toys and gifts for our holiday party, snacks and crafts for family fun, and frames and graduation supplies for our program graduates. We can do so much more with products from Dollar Tree because they help to stretch our dollars!” – Plasticmom, Nonprofit Customer

For the Military

“I work for a nonprofit group that assists our well-deserved military overseas. One of our contributions includes sending troops goodie bags of items they can’t get abroad. I love Dollar Tree because they have everything I need to fill those bags. I send snacks, stationery, cards, gum, pens, coffee/tea packets, toiletries, and even small books or CDs. They are so grateful for everything they receive and I am so glad Dollar Tree fits my budget to send over 100 goodie bags a year. Thank you!” – Monique, Nonprofit Customer

Dollar Tree is a Nonprofit’s Dream Come True

“Being affiliated with several nonprofit businesses, I LOVE Dollar Tree. I make several trips a month to Dollar Tree in search of fun items that can be used in a variety of ways. Dollar Tree is my go-to store for the normal office supplies, but I always find different fun things that are picked up for future use… now that the holiday season is here, I will be on the hunt at any Dollar Tree store I come across for special treats.” – Andi74, Nonprofit Customer

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