Tissue Paper Photo WallThe best part about a party is the memories you make with all of your friends and family… and we love to use photos and selfies to capture those memories. So, is it really a party if there is no photo wall or props for selfies?! It’s so easy — and affordable — to create a bright and colorful photo wall using just tissue paper and decorations from Dollar Tree. You can buy fun props from Dollar Tree as well, and also create this super simple tissue paper flower for guests to hold in their photos. All you have to do is find a spot in your event space, decorate the area, set out the props, and let your guest have a ball taking photos. Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your party so guests can tag all of their photos and everyone can share in the memories.

Dollar Tree Materials:

    • 20×20″ Tissue Paper (your choice of colors)
    • Chenille Stems
    • Scissors
    • Roll of Foil Wrapping Paper (for flower stem)
    • Assorted Packs of Tissue Pom-Poms
    • Assorted Tissue Pom-Pom Garland
    • 1 Pack Removable Adhesive Strips

Directions for Making the Tissue Paper Flower:

  1. Layer 8-10 sheets of 20×20″ tissue paper on top of one another. For a greater impact, you can mix two (or more) colors together.
  2. Fold the tissue paper in 1.5″ sections, back and forth in an accordion/fan fold.
  3. Once folded, secure the tissue by twisting a chenille stem around the middle.
  4. For prettier “petals,” trim each end of the tissue into rounded or pointed corners. For a more dahlia-looking style of flower, cut a small slit (about 1″ deep) in the middle of the rounded edges.
  5. Now you are ready to open your flower. Carefully (so you don’t tear the tissue) separate the tissue layers on the left and right side towards the center.
  6. Once you have separated all the tissue layers, fluff and shape your flower to your desired look.
  7. Attach the flower to the roll of wrapping paper by using the scissors to cut a hole in the end of the roll, and attach the chenille stem through the hole.

Designate a space in your party area for photos and hang the tissue pom-poms and pom-pom garland on the wall using removable adhesive strips. You can create any look you want here, so mix and match colors and hang as few or as many as you’d like. Set up a small table or a basket/bucket to hold all the props… now it’s time to take some pictures and create some memories!

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