Top Five Toys for Outdoor Spring and Summer FunSpring is officially here! With warm weather comes longer days and sunshine-filled weekends… and after the cold months of winter, the kids are sure to want lots of outdoor playtime to enjoy the fresh air. Make sure they have plenty of fun things to do so they can keep their minds and bodies active. Here’s our list of the top five outdoor toys for spring and summer fun. Not only will they provide hours of kid-friendly entertainment, you can find them all at Dollar Tree for just a buck each!

1. Kites

Kite-flying is the most fun in large open areas such as the park or the beach. On a breezy spring day, the kids will get plenty of exercise running around to keep their kites flying in the sky. Strike up a friendly competition and see who can keep their kite in the air the longest.

2. Bubbles and Bubble Wands

Blowing bubbles is an all-time favorite for kids (and parents, we know you love it, too!). Give them bubble wands in all shapes and sizes, and let them blow and pop tons of bubbles. And for just $1, you can stock up on enough bubbles and wands to last all summer.

3. Water Balloons

Throwing water balloons is a fun way to stay cool on a hot day! Fill small balloons with water and place them in two plastic buckets. Split the kids into two teams, then let ‘em loose to battle it out in the yard. Don’t forget to grab your camera and snap some action shots of all the excitement.

4. Jump Ropes

Jumping rope is great exercise… and great fun! The kids can compete with their friends to see who can jump the fastest or longest. Parents, hop in and teach them how to do the special jumps you learned as a kid, such as “Double Dutch,” “Double Unders,” and more.

5. Butterfly Nets

Butterfly nets allow kids to safely catch and release butterflies and other flying insects without harming them. Catching butterflies is an adventure all on its own, but watching and studying them can be an educational experience, too. Show them pictures of different kinds of butterflies in your area, and then challenge them to find one of each!

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