Trendy DIY Dollar Tree Gallery Wall

June 11, 2018  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Gallery Wall ArtI don’t think a good gallery wall will ever go out of style! There are tons of ways to set up a gorgeous gallery wall and so many picture frames, canvases, and decorations to choose from. Gallery walls require a lot of individual pieces, and shopping anywhere other than Dollar Tree could get expensive. Luckily, the home décor section is jam-packed with stunning picture frames and gorgeous wall art that are so on-trend that you’d never guess they’re only a buck each.

Pick Your Favorite Pieces

I may or may not have spent like 20 minutes in the aisle deciding on which decorations and frames I liked best. I (finally) ended up with a few framed quotes, decorative canvases, and even some shadow boxes to fill with succulents. You could also create a photo gallery wall using different sized frames filled with pictures of family and friends. Get as many different frames and decorations as you need for the gallery wall size you want to build. Choosing what to include is probably the hardest part of this DIY project because the rest is SO simple. Oh, and before you leave the store, be sure to grab a few small adhesive plastic hooks or picture hanging kits and a level from the hardware section if you don’t already have them at home.

Create Your Gallery Wall

When I came home, I laid out all of my gallery wall pieces on the floor. This created a great starting point and a good idea of what the finished gallery wall would look like. I arranged them into the layout I wanted so all that was left to do was hang them in place. I used adhesive plastic hooks to hang each piece on the wall and used my level to make sure none of them were crooked. Don’t worry though, if you want to move things around, the adhesive plastic hooks are easy to remove and replace. I love the way this gallery wall turned out and I can’t wait to make another one soon!Hang Your Gallery WallHang Your Gallery Wall

Fellow parents, be sure to also check out this DIY Gallery Wall for Kids made using picture frames and clothespins to hang their masterpieces.

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