Trendy Framed Succulent Wall Art

May 29, 2018  |  DIY & Crafts  |  Written by
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Framed SucculentsY’all know by now that I’m a “succa” for succulents! The ideas just keep on coming and I hope this trend never ends. My latest obsession is framed succulent wall art. What’s that, you ask? Basically, you take a picture frame and add succulents instead of a picture… so quick and easy to assemble. You can hang this on a wall as a decoration, or use it in centerpieces or for other decorations at weddings and events.

Stock Up on $1 Supplies:

  • 4×6″ Picture Frame (You Can Use Larger Frames If You Have More Succulents)
  • 7-10 Potted Succulents or Stems (Your Favorite Kinds)
  • Floral Foam
  • GlueSucculent Frame Supplies

Frame Up Your Succulents:

  1. Remove the glass and picture backing from the frame so that you’re left with just the outer frame.
  2. Insert two floral foam blocks into the frame. Two fit perfectly inside a 4×6″ frame! (Check out how to make the distressed frame shown here.)Foam fits into a frame
  3. It’s succulent time! Pull the succulents out of the pots and set the pots aside… you won’t need them for this project.Pull apart your succulents
  4. Add a little glue to the stem of your succulent and insert it into the top left corner of the floral foam. Press as far down as it will go to secure it in place.Insert succulents into foam
  5. Continue gluing and pressing each succulent into place until all of the floral foam is covered and all you see are those gorgeous little plants.Insert the succulents into the foam
  6. Once your glue dries, hang or display your frame proudly because it’s sure to be a show-stopper!

Here’s another one I put together using a few different types of succulents and a cool textured picture frame. The possibilities are endless. Check out some of my other craft ideas using succulents!Succulent Wall Art

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