Create Trendy Trolls Headbands for Kids PartiesTrolls are making a huge comeback this year! If you and your family are enjoying this trend, don’t miss this DIY trolls headband idea. Create colorful headbands made to look like troll hair. Your kids will love wearing them for a movie night, birthday party, or simply just for playing around the house. They’re also great as party favors or troll-themed birthday parties!

Use a few $1 supplies from Dollar Tree to recreate this look for a DIY troll transformation. Let your kids make their own headbands… they can choose their own colors and accessories, from ribbon and sparkles to gems, sequins, and more. Pair these headbands with colorful clothing or sparkly costumes to complete the ensemble.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Colorful Headbands
  • Tulle or Deco Mesh
  • Ribbon or Chenille Stems
  • Sparkles, Sequins, or Gems
  • Glue

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Cut strips of tulle or deco mesh the length of your preferred “troll hair”.
  2. Using each strip, tie a loop knot around your headband, as shown. Pull it tight to secure in place.Tie Mesh to Your Trolls Headbands
  3. Repeat step two at least eight times, tying the strips side by side onto the headband.Trendy Troll Hair Headbands
  4. Style your “troll hair” by tying together the tulle or deco mesh using ribbon or chenille stems.Trendy Troll Hair Headbands
  5. Get creative and glue on colorful accessories such as sparkles and sequins. Let your trolls headband dry completely before wearing, and enjoy!

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