Flip Flops add a casual touch to your wedding reception..Sometimes uncomfy shoes can really kill the mood at a wedding reception. Make it easy for your guests to relax and really kick up their heels by letting them kick off their heels! Offer your guests a pair of inexpensive flip flops and watch your dance floor fill up! They’re ideal for beach-themed or outdoor weddings. You can even mix it up by offering sunglasses (also great at beach weddings) or water bottles along with the flip flops.

Dancing Shoes & Party Favors!

Sore feet are a major annoyance at weddings, but they don’t have to end the fun! Your guests will love being able to relax and slip on a pair of flip flops instead of their painful formal shoes. It’s a great idea for men, women, and kids — plus everyone can keep their flip flops as a party favor! Keep a place for everyone to store their shoes in the meantime, like a large towel or mat. That way, no one’s shoes will go missing.

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